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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well it's been a good day-

except for the blisters of course... I've given myself 2 blisters in the palm of my right hand from turning too hard on a screwdriver putting my floors back in Fish Slayer. I tore one of them so I have an open hole that's about dime sized. It's pretty miserable.

But Fish Slayer is going back together! The 3 seat bases are installed, both windshields are back in place and the first 2 pieces of the recovered panels have been put in place. Tonight I bought the hardwae needed to reinstall the steering wheel cover. So things are coming along and that makes me happy. Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be crap but if it gets nice enough, I'll be out there putting things back together.

No words back on any job offers yet but I had some pretty positive feedback from some of the folks I spoke to today so I'll see.

On another note, the BSU talked me into buying a weeping willow tree for the backyard. She won't admit that it is going to overpower every other tree out there in 10 years or so which it no doubt will. But she's been wanting another willow for a few years now and she caught me in a weak moment. I've already planted an apple tree beside the house earlier this week and tomorrow I suppose I'll be digging a big hole in the backyard for the willow. Doesn't she realize how difficult every new tree makes my mowing?

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